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WP GDPR Fix Review

WP GDPR Fix Review
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WP GDPR Fix Review

WP GDPR Fix is a new plugin that will help you become compliant for GDPR really  rapidly.

Yep, it takes care of the 7 key requirements of GDPR compliance

– Cookie consent & management
– Terms & Conditions policy
– Privacy Policy
– Right to be forgotten requirement
– Data access requirement
– Data breach notification requirement
– And Data rectification system

Yes, it gives you a powerful interface to take care of all these key requirements as soon as
you plug it in.

So listen… If you don’t want to spend a pile of money on developers to get GDPR
compliance on your website, this plugin is your biggest friend.

With it on your blog you might have saved days or even weeks, and thousands of dollars in
creating the same system manually.

You Need GDPR Compliance No Matter How You Use WordPress

Content Marketers

Do you have EU visitors on your site and they interact with your articles, leave comments etc. Do you have Facebook pixel or track your users in other ways?

Ecom Sellers

Do you let people create accounts on your site and share their emails or contact details. Do you track people through cookies or pixels?

Affiliate Marketers

Do you grab leads on your site? Collecting people’s name and email. Do you use analytics or Facebook pixels?

Do you run a website?

It doesn’t whether you sell on your website or not, or even if you don’t collect any data. If you have cookies and other features enabled on your site you will be liable for GDPR.

How Does Is Works?

Here’s how it work

Step #1 : Install the plugin on your site and activate it to instantly get access to all the 7 GDPR key compliance requirements.

The plugin tells you exactly what you need to do to be compliant.

Step #2 : All you do now is turn on each compliance measure, implement your custom  message if you want. You can tweak anything you wish.

That’s it!

No other plugin or software covers GDPR the way WP GDPR Fix does, and absolutely
nothing makes it as simple as WP GDPR Fix.

Your business is important. Don’t risk it by ignoring real problems.

=>>Check out WP GDPR Fix and find out how easy GDPR compliance can be <<=

Why You Should Buy It?

Total GDPR compliance for your WordPress site right now.

Works with your blog or any other custom implementation of WordPress including e-com stores.

Just plug it in and set it up in less than 3 minutes for 100% compliance.

Cookie requirement compliance makes sure your EU visitors are briefed about cookie policy.

Terms and conditions policy compliance gets your visitors consent to your T&C.

Privacy policy compliance creates consent requirement for your privacy policy.

Right to forget compliance lets you delete user data manually.

Right to data compliance lets you isolate and send any data you have on any user.

Data breach notification compliance lets you send global notifications in case of breach.

Data modification compliance lets you modify any data you have on the user.

What is Upsell & Price


My WP GDPR Fix review will help you on making your decision, and if WP GDPR Fix doesn’t instantly become one the coolest, money-saving, time-saving design tools in your marketing tool box… simply send the support desk a single email and we’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

I will give you a “no brainer” GUARANTEE. The guarantee is simple, check out WP GDPR Fix started right now on your computer, smart phone or other handheld device RISK FREE for the next 60 days!

And if for any reason you are not satisfied, just let me know before the test risk free period of 60 days is up, and I will give you a full refund. No complexity, no questions asked.

Thank you for reading WP GDPR Fix Review. I want to give you bonuses if you purchase sau through my link.

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