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VC Funding Round-Up: Money Keeps Flowing to Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

A collection of recent funding news from the cryptocurrency ecosystem shows that despite record amounts of money raised by ICOs, the traditional route of raising funds from venture capital firms is still going strong. And cryptocurrency exchanges are involved both as investment targets and investors.  Also Read: Crypto Point-of-Sale

Hey Remote Workers: Vermont Will Pay You up to $10K to Move There

It’s not all rivers of maple syrup, but the state of Vermont has a sweet deal for remote workers. The state legislature recently passed the New Remote Worker Program, which will pay people who relocate to Vermont up to $10,000. According the the legislation, full-time employees of businesses based

8 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Website’s Google Ranking

Google is very secretive about the core algorithms that power its search engine, but that doesn’t mean it’s all guesswork when it comes to figuring out […] The post 8 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Website’s Google Ranking appeared first on ThriveHive. Source link